Texas Drilling Consultant

  "An Engineer with Management and Field Experience"

  "Over 25 years in the business"

  "Horizontal Drilling Expert"

I have had the opportunity to work for a major energy company, owned by H. Ross Perot, in charge of the South Texas fields, and for an independant wildcatter drilling from South Texas to Montana. I was on the forefront of Horizontal drilling and set production records for Texas in 1990. These opportunities and many others have given me extensive experience in everything from workovers, horizontal drilling and deep well drilling, to coordinating entire new fields.

I have experience that can provide you with a turn key operation: taking your leases and producing the best possible wells, and getting the product to the buyer. You have found your one stop resource for drilling in Texas!

Please take a look at my services and my resume, and contact  me about drilling for oil and gas in Texas. 

Feel free to email me for a word document of the resume.